Compared with other similar equipment, the special type of water tank type wire drawing machine is that when the steel wire is pulled during the drawing process, different degrees of relative sliding are generated. Moreover, during the work, the steel wire, the reel, the wire drawing die, etc. are all immersed in the cooling lubricating liquid or sprayed by the cooling lubricating liquid. The water tank wire drawing machine (also known as the sliding type multiple wire drawing machine) has the characteristics of reverse pulling force drawing, and has the advantages of simple structure, compact structure, small land occupation, convenient operation, high drawing speed, good cooling condition, long service life of the mold, environmental protection and no dust. The surface of the finished steel wire is clean and has no twist.

Operating procedures for water tank drawing machine equipment:
(1) Before the start of the water tank drawing machine, check the air pressure and oil level of the equipment, as well as the tightening and lubrication of the spooler. Is there any problem, and whether the safety protection device of the equipment is intact? , can work properly.
(2) Before rolling, check whether the incoming materials meet the specified requirements, whether the quality is qualified, and check whether the matching is appropriate.
(3) Open the water valve, fill the water tank with soap, and then close the inlet valve.

(4) Before the start of the spooler, it is necessary to check whether the air pressure is normal. After the air pressure is normal, we can install the spool.
(5) If the water tank drawing machine equipment is in operation, if any abnormality is found, it should be stopped immediately, and then repaired and eliminated.