Jiangyin Xiangle Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in straight wire drawing machine, water tank drawing machine, single wire drawing machine, heat treatment and plating supporting retracting line equipment, stainless steel wire annealing furnace and retracting line equipment, metal product production auxiliary. Product range such as equipment.
Our company's research and development of the alloy line special water tank type wire drawing machine series and its matching tube annealing furnace series and other product specifications and models, the company's products are in an important position in the same industry, the products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Russia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt and other countries. The straight-through wire drawing machine series is highly recognized by customers because of its advantages of energy saving, high efficiency and simple operation. In the production process of wire drawing, the company broke the traditional concept of the wire drawing industry. It is no longer a type of wire drawing a variety of materials, but different types of wire are drawn using different models, and According to the specifications of the wire, use a variety of models of the same series, so that the special machine is dedicated, the drawing process varies with the material of the wire. At the same time, in order to improve the efficiency of the wire material, in order to improve the efficiency, combined with the requirements of the material of the wire material, a different process from the original is formulated, so that the energy consumption is greatly reduced.